October 14, 2022

Enhanced Postaward Debrief Procedure

Following issuance by the Department of Defense of Final Rule No. 87 FR 15808 in March of 2022, unsuccessful offers on negotiated contracts, task and delivery orders valued at more than $10 million are able to submit follow-on questions related to a “required” post-award debriefing provided by the procuring Agency. Under the new procedures set forth in the Final Rule, the procuring Agency shall provide unsuccessful offerors “an opportunity to submit additional written questions related to

April 21, 2021

New „Executive Order“ makes changes to Buy American Regulations

In Executive Order (“EO”) No. 14005, dated January 25, 2021, President Biden directed several changes to regulations issued in connection with the Buy American Act of 1933, which sets for the policy preference for Federal Agencies to purchase American made products. Under certain circumstances, Federal Agencies may “waive” the buy American requirement. To better control the use of such waivers, the EO establishes a “Made in America Office” (“MAO”), which is charged with overseei

February 2, 2021

Attorney Reinsdorf Publishes Article on Priority Issues Relating to the Enforcement of Competing Charging Orders in America

Attorney Reinsdorf published an article entitled “Jüngste Entwicklungen in den USA zur Pfändung von Anteilen einer Limited Liability Company (LLC)” (Recent Developments in the USA on Attachment of Shares of a Limited Liability Company (LLC). The article appears in the January/February edition of the German language law journal “Recht der internationalen Wirtschaft” (Law [journal] of International Commerce, 1-2/2021. The article elaborates on recent case law concerning priority issues

September 21, 2020

New FAR Clauses Concerning Chinese Manufactured Telecommunications Equipment

The FAR Council issued two new FAR clauses with an effective date of August, 13, 2020 that restrict the supply / use of “covered” Chinese manufactured telecommunications equipment on US Government contracts. Under FAR Clause 52.204-26, the offeror/contractor must now represent whether covered equipment will be supplied under the contract. Similarly, FAR Clause 52.204-24 requires the offeror/contractor to represent whether it “uses covered telecommunications equipment or services.” If