Sample Contract Confidentiality Agreement

Sample contract between German and American company concerning the exchange of confidential information. German translation is provided. Contract addresses the situation where two companies exchange information in connection with a business development project.

The contract includes clauses on the following subjects:


Recitals Präambel
Confidential Information Vertrauliche Informationen
Scope of Undertaking Unternehmensumfang
Exceptions from the confidentiality undertaking Ausnahmen der Vertraulichkeitsverpflichtung
No rights Keinerlei Rechte
Consequences of breach of confidentiality
Konsequenzen bei Nichteinhaltung der Vertraulichkeitsverpflichtung
Duration and consequences of termination or expiration Dauer und Konsequenzen bei Kündigung
oder Ablauf
No liability for correctness of Confidential
Keine Haftung für Richtigkeit vertraulicher Informationen
Miscellaneous Sonstiges
Enclosure Anhang
Declaration of Confidentiality Obligation Vertraulichkeitsverpflichtungserklärung


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