Sample Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (Code) is essential for companies. Through the implementation of a Code the employees are instructed on the proper manner of dealing with suppliers, clients and subcontractors. The message is also sent to third parties that upholding laws and rules is mandatory for the company implementing the Code.

In this Code, with German translation, the following subjects are addressed:


Fair Play Fair Play
Prohibition on Improper Payments Untersagung regelwidriger Zahlungen
Prohibition on Entertainment & Gifts Untersagung von Einladungen bzw. Geschenken
Appearance of Impropriety Vermeintliches Fehlverhalten
Proper Invoicing Korrekte Rechnungsstellung
Improper Use of Protected Information Unzulässiger Gebrauch geschützter Informationen
Prohibition on Anti-Competitive Behavior Wettbewerbsschädigendes Verhalten
Reporting Violations Meldung von Übertretungen
Legal Consequences Rechtliche Konsequenzen
Acknowledgement Bestätigung


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