Sample Contract Assignment of Claim for Unpaid Invoice

Sample contract between a German and American company concerning the assignment of a claim for an unpaid invoice. German translation is provided. The subject matter involves a claim arising out of an unpaid invoice for the delivery of a machine or alternatively for services rendered. The contract includes clauses on the following subjects:


Recitals Präambel
Assignment Abtretung
Warranties By Assignor Zusicherungen des Zedenten
No Warranties Made By Assignor
[Alternative To Warranties Paragraph]
Keine Zusicherungen des Zedenten
[alternativ zur Zusicherungs-Klausel]
Assignor’s Ongoing Obligations Fortlaufende Verpflichtungen des Zedenten
Authority of Assignee Befugnisse des Zessionars
Reassignment [Optional Paragraph] Rückabtretung (optional)
Applicable Law Anwendbares Recht
Disputes Streitfragen
Disputes [Alternative] Streitfragen [alternativ]
Entire Agreement Vollständige Vereinbarung


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