Sample Contracts – USA / Germany

The below listed sample contracts reflect common business transactions in the USA. You may purchase these bilingual documents (English/German) and download them as a PDF file. For more further information about the respective document please click on the “Information” link.


Sample Contract Consulting Agreement Information
Sample Contract Commercial Promissory Note Information
Sample Contract Confidentiality Agreement Information
Sample Contract German Stock Corporation (Articles of Incorporation) Information
Sample Contract German GmbH (Articles of Incorporation) Information
Sample Contract Incorporation Information
Sample Joint Venture Agreement Information
Purchase and Sale Agreement for Residential Real Estate Information
Sample Distribution Agreement Information
Sample Contract MOU re: Joint Venture Information
Sample Contract Teaming Agreement Information
Sample Contract Assignment of Claim for Unpaid Invoice Information
Sample Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Information
Sample Application for Informal Appointment of Personal Representative In Intestacy Information
Mustervertrag Gesellschaftervertrag einer “Multi-Member” amerikanischen LLC Information
Mustervertrag Gesellschaftervertrag einer “Single Member” amerikanischen LLC Information
Stock Restriction and Buy-Sell Agreement for a Closely-Held Company Information


This text is also available in: German